We Understand

There is a science behind how the brain connects with brands and creates brand loyalty.

Scalable & Timeless

Great brands are timeless and don’t follow trends but are movements that as a side effect create trends.

Extensive Experience

It’s our passion to help you build a great brand and guide you through the process of sending it out into the world.

Branding Services

Branding is more than having a pretty logo and doing a bit of marketing. It is about creating a compelling story that is told every time your client engages with your business no matter who they interact with.

  • LOGO
  • CI

Logo Design

A logo must be easy to recognise, clutter free and have readable text. Whether you need a new logo or maybe a face-lift, we can help. We can also create 3D logos from most flat logos to help your brand stand out.

Corporate Identity & Graphic Design

Represent your company well through the entire range of your Corporate Identity. We also create a brand manual, to ensure that your brand is correctly displayed in all settings.


Make a good first impression with stationary that is memorable. This is an expected part of any company and can often be very boring. Don’t just tick-the-box, use this opportunity to tell your story. Business cards, letterheads, email signatures, presentation templates and more.

Company Profile

Capture the core message of your business in a beautifully designed profile. Don’t try to communicate too much instead focus on the essential information accompanied by compelling imagery. This can then be distributed in a beautifully printed book, a classic album situated in your waiting room or digitally via email and on your website.

Brand Video

More than 70% of Internet traffic is video. Today, it is essential to have a brief video explaining why your company exists, how you do business and what some of the key solutions that you offer are. This video should be short and possibly even split into a series of short videos that are fun to watch.

Corporate Photography

Your photos may be the first impression of yourself and your company. Capture the professional and friendly sides of your business in a way that makes potential clients want to meet with you and existing clients recall fond memories.

Brand Consulting

The brand is the personality of your business and it guides how your business grows. We have developed a series of workshops to help you build your brand using proven frameworks that consistently bring structure through clarity and simplicity. With each workshop, we also provide you with templates to help you craft your core message to suit any situation.


  • Corporate Video Production
    recommended options price
    and starting from R8000
  • Facebook Marketing
    recommended options price
    and starting from R1500
  • Promotional Video Production
    recommended options price
    and starting from R5500
  • Premium Enhanced Website
    recommended options price
    and starting from R14000
  • Standard Enhanced Website
    recommended options price
    and starting from R6500
  • Complete Brand Package
    recommended options price
    and starting from R7350

Branding Portfolio

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  • Barzani
    Portrait Photography
  • Tshwaraganang & Associates
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    Corporate Album
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  • Parkmed Neuro Clinic
    Corporate Video

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