CRM & Lead Nurturing Services

Every year it seems that more and more of our time is spent on the work around work and less on the actual work. A lot of that time is spent on digital communication. You can leverage your time by using tools and templates that help you to handle repetitive tasks a little faster, quickly adding up to hours to focus elsewhere.

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Engagement Strategy

We can assist you in creating a comprehensive long-term strategy for increasing engagement through your Client Relationship Management (CRM) Software.

Lead Nurturing Campaign

Do you have a series of emails that are sent to your potential clients to: Connect with them; Give them relevant information including what differentiates you; and Drive action?

CRM Configuration

Setting up a CRM can be a daunting task, and you can spend more time working on it, than what it works for you. Once configured correctly it quickly starts working for your benefit.

Email Templates

An email template allows you to quickly send, out a beautiful email with minimal effort. The CRM will even fill out the recipient’s name.

Marketing Automation & Triggers

People are different and don’t like to be sent general information. They expect to be sent relevant information promptly. Use marketing automation along with triggers to create custom client profiles and send them relevant information without needing you to lift a finger.

Lead Capture, Contact Management & Timeline View

Imagine losing all your contacts. Capture your client’s details in a secure database that you can quickly access, ensuring that your leads don’t walk out the door when a sales person leaves. Use the timeline feature to view all interactions with a specific client or lead by viewing their timeline (Emails, Tasks, Notes, Appointments, Web Visits, Deals, Documents and more).

Deal Tracking

Keep track of the deals in your organisation. Easily generate reports to show if your team are on track or need to pick up the pace, from anywhere with a decent internet connection.

Help Desk & Knowledge Base

Giving your clients incredible customer service is more important than ever, and it’s essential that your people have the tools they need to do so. There should be systems in place to ensure that complaints are tracked and dealt with effectively. Having a strong knowledge base will also help them answer queries.